The Gods of the Celts

Miranda Green

248 Pages, ISBN 978 0 7509 3479 4     
Published by The History Press, First published in 1986,     
this edition was published in 2011, reprinted in 2017     

The presence of gods was felt in every corner of the Celtic world and influenced all areas of life in Celtic society. This fascinating book delves into these corners to examine all aspects of the gods, ritual customs, cult objects and sacred places of the ancient Celtic peoples.
Miranda Green introduces the Celts and the evidence that they left behind, placing them in their geographical and chronological context, and continues on to look at Celtic cults of the sun and sky, animals and animism, mother goddesses, water gods and healers, as well as examining the influence of religion on war, death and fertility.
Embracing the whole of the Celtic world from Ireland to Australia, and covering from 500 BC to AD 400, this is a rewarding overview of the evidence for Celtic religions, beliefs and practices which uses modern scholarship to bring a mysterious and captivating part of European history to life.

Miranda Green is Emeritus Professor of Archeology at Cardiff University. Her latest book Bog Bodies Uncovered (2015) has one two major US awards: Book of the Year (popular category) Society for American Archaeology 2016, and the Felicia Holton Book of the Year Award, Institute of American Archaeology, 2017.

"... an excellent detailed survey by one of our leading authorities on Celtic religion... an important contribution."
- The Antiquaries' Journal

(The text above comes from the back of the book)