The White Goddess

A new edition edited by Grevel Lindop

Robert Graves

520 Blz., ISBN 0 571 17425 6     
Faber and Faber, 1997     

This labyrinthine and extraordinary book, first published fifty years ago (in 1948), was the outcome of Grave´s vast reading and curious research into strange territories of folklore, mythology, religion and magic. Erudite and impassioned, it is a scholar-poet´s quest for the meaning of European myths, a polemic about the relations between man and woman, and also an intensely personal document in which Graves explored the sources of his own inspiration and, as he believed, all true poetry.

This new edition has been prepared by Grevel Lindop, who has written an illuminating Introduction. The text of the book incorporates all Graves´s final revisions, as well as his replies to two of the original reviewers, and a long essay in which he describes the months of inspiration in which the first draft of what became The White Goddess was written.

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